Ryan Cade Photography Thesis Spring 2020


Art is said to have therapeutic properties, and this is the concept I have put into practice throughout the creation of my thesis. My line of inquiry is an exploration into the intersection of trauma, the body, sense of place, and interpersonal relationships. It is an autobiographical journey through events that have occurred throughout the past year and the ways they are still affecting me, as seen through an installation of images printed on fabric. These images include self-portraiture, land/cityscapes, mixed-media photography, scans of objects, and journal content such as poetry and sketches. My starting questions included: how is trauma stored in the body, and how do these effects manifest in my everyday life? How can I best give myself space to speak about what I’ve experienced, and then permission to move on? How do I begin to heal myself? My goal was to dive deep into my conscious and subconscious mind — to develop the self-awareness to unravel myself, in order to put myself back together again.

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Spring 2020