Nikolai Serban Illustration Thesis Spring 2020

Schwules Museum

Schwules Museum is a graphic novel exploring the nuances of Gay Monumentalism, specifically exploring how the period of the Weimar Republic in Germany became a greenhouse for Queer Liberation, and howthe seeds of a sexual revolution were, not only borne there, but spread throughout the rest of the world. Told through the lense of personal narrative memoir, this graphic novel draws attention to the women and men who birthed out movement, and urges the modern queer community to remain united, forcasting an end to adversity if we learn from the heroes of our past. Far from being considered finished, Schwules Museum is intended to be fleshed out post graduation into a full fledged graphic novel exploring mutiple avenues of queer history in detail, as well as focusing in more depth on issues surrounding the birth of the Queer identity, Queer Liberation movements, and the interferance and backlash of the Nazis, and by the rest of the world.

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Spring 2020