Kara La Illustration Thesis Spring 2020

My thesis is rooted in my desire to explore difficult and complicated emotions that are uncomfortable for me to share, as expressing any sort of vulnerability or sentimentality is not exactly standard practice for me. However, the method that I find myself indulging in and reflecting on these feelings in again and again has been through consuming the various forms of entertainment media – particularly those within the fantasy genre as it is unhindered by the rules of reality. As a result, it has an impersonal nature to it, which eventually led me to create this self-indulgent project that is Tura’s world. In essence, it is a narrative whose subjective goal is not a distorted recreation of my own life events in a parallel fantasy world for me to address and articulate for myself, but instead is a manifestation and exploration of my personal thoughts and emotions of which exists on a profoundly deep-rooted level – a rather convoluted thinkpiece so to speak. In conjunction with this, the project is formulated with an objective goal to create a suitable portfolio for the entertainment industry that showcases a breadth of skills relating to conceptual and visual development with a focus on directing the aesthetics towards the video game market.

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Spring 2020