Austin Meros Graphic Design Thesis Spring 2020

Something that has always piqued my interest and greatly affected how I see the world has been the concept of time. The fact that it can feel fast, slow, or just about right, has interested me for about as long as I can remember. As a child, I remember thinking it was a shame that I could play video games for only an hour and have it fly by, yet an hour at school seemed to last for eternity. Since my dad was very much into videotaping and photographing us growing up, I was aware of this idea of capturing moments in time from a very young age. It wasn’t until the day after Christmas of 2007 when my father passed away, that it finally struck me just how precious this commodity we all share is. It’s a gift we’re all given, and have slowly taken away from us. For my thesis, I’m creating a series of posters and videos that describe how certain factors alter how we perceive the passage of time, as well as how it can actually speed up and slow down. The graphics used in these deliverables are stemming from my research and personal experiences. 3D renders are being incorporated into both the posters and videos, and done in an older/retro, modern, and futuristic sci-fi style, for the “past”, “present”, and “future” sections of my project respectively. My hope is that this project helps people look at time from a whole new perspective, and serve as inspiration for other artists and designers. Negative and positive events will happen in your life, but it’s important to appreciate and understand how they led you to where you are now. Nothing lasts forever, and things should be enjoyed and taken advantage of while you still have them.

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Spring 2020