Bryna Butt Sculpture Thesis Spring 2020

My work for Thesis is part of an ongoing series of explorations in alternative living spaces. I have been immersing myself in projects and research pertaining to home construction, DIY tactics and “bringing the outside in” while incorporating hand-made ceramic, and reclaimed material embellishments in the process. I’ve been fascinated with unconventional houses for a long time, specifically Hobbit Houses, Earth Ships, and tiny houses on wheels. When I first came to Oregon, I had hoped I would be able to learn some of the skills I would need later to build my own “hobbit house” project. It wasn’t until last year that I was able to get pretty close when I acquired “The Beast,” a 30ft box truck. Currently it’s being outfitted to live inside in order to achieve housing security and mental security in creating a one of a kind semi-luxurious, semi-rugged, totally personalized, miniature, moveable house on wheels! The final build will include a bedazzled bathtub with a mosaic on the front made of handmade ceramic tiles and a wooden mosaic on the front door made from reclaimed wood and homemade wood stains. “The Beast” is intended to be an intricate, safe, uplifting, and livable sculpture. Humankind has been enriching life through art for ages and I think that maybe life inside my own sculpture would be pretty cool.

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Spring 2020