Sobe Silva Sculpture Thesis Spring 2020

Sobe is a circus artist and sculptor whose work is experimental and process driven, looking for creative solutions to problems. Circus training and creative practice are her parallel roads, living in the theatrical and embracing the spectacle. She is influenced and inspired by her circus community. Through acquiring various skills and experiences, she transcends verbal communication using collaboration to conceptualize, design, and fabricate a physical manifestation of creative ideas and activated objects. Her work questions what we perceive as reality and emphasizes the uncanny nature of manipulating the body, object, and space. This body of work shows previous projects finished by Sobe as well as in progress work from this last semester. Working on building her own trapeze bar, her project was cut short due to COVID-19 as both the shops and the Circus Project were closed, removing access to equipment and space that was required to finish the work. She continues to physically train at home while eagerly waiting to get back to training in both capacities.

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Spring 2020