Otto Yunker Video + Sound Thesis Fall 2019

To be honest this project was a personal project. I didn’t set out trying to share anything with anyone, but with a goal of gaining a better understanding of my PTSD by applying theories of eco-psychology to the creation of a quilt made with personally foraged dyes.

Though presented as an object, the process and the presentation of the quilt were no lesser parts of my overall thesis project. 

The quilt was the result of extensive research, and tactile meditation. During this process I realized that for the presentation of my quilt, I needed to move beyond the traditional settings ascribed. I didn’t wish to be an authority delivering eco-minded knowledge to an audience, I wanted to invite ideas, and encourage varied forms of learning.

Instead of delivering a traditional thesis speech, I threw a potluck, and invited two fellow students to interview me, inviting deeper discussion, and interpersonal engagement with the audience.

23 albums

Fall 2019