Megan Wood Illustration Thesis Fall 2019

Openhearted is an anthology of sapphic poetry sourced from public domain authors as well as contemporary authors. An open call for poetry was held in May 2019, to find several poets whose work dealt with lesbian themes.15 poems were chosen based on their thematical connections. In addition to the contemporary poems, works by Sappho, Wu Tsao, Akiko Yosano, & Angelina Weld Grimké bring an element of historical context. The poems are unified through several main themes: growth, self-acceptance, empowerment, tenderness, and finding beauty in the natural world. 

The book is 8”x10”, 84 pages and softcover, with a glossy finish, with a dustjacket printed on translucent vellum. Promotional materials include postcards and a series of bookmarks featuring details from the inside pages.

Specifically made for the LGBT community – this project may be inaccessible to individuals with no connection to queer media. The book is marketed at young adults looking for representation in media and the poetry community. 

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Fall 2019