Trung Nguyen Graphic Design Thesis Fall 2019

See The Sound

See The Sound is a project exploring the worlds of sound and image and bridging between the two. Growing up with synesthesia, I developed a love for visual art and music. I started a ten years beatbox career when I was twelves through watching a beatbox performance by the beatbox legend Rahzel on Youtube. With the ability to imitate & design sounds with my mouth and compose music anywhere, at anytime without any equipment of a beatboxer, I started to notice the rhythm and texture of the world around me. See The Sound is an interactive Audio-Visual performance where I invite you to see the sound I create, explore the sound of beatbox. I break down music into three main elements – melody, repetition, texture and pair them to three visual principles – color, pattern, texture. I utilize the interactive and generative power of the software Touchdesigner to produce live visual for a piece of music I compose. I went through an interesting process during the making of the project. It was a big learning process working with not only concept, art directing but also as a musician and technician.

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Fall 2019