Mario Danna Painting Thesis Fall 2019

This is an automaton, mechanically driven puppet, of a man riding a bicycle. Most importantly, this is a way to work with my late friend Rick Bartow, who guided me into this life of art. Everyone has their own unique relationship with Art, for me art is just as much as a place as it can be an object.  It is a mental and spiritual space where I am able to listen to the artists who have come before me to the elements of life that are not named but felt. Through the process of working, I am able to visit this place of art. The decision to build this for my thesis was made when I realized that what once I thought where Rick’s rough sketches for sculpture were actually his notes trying to figure out the basic mechanics to the object I was unintentionally trying to figure out for myself, an automaton of a man riding a bicycle.  Along with working with Rick, this is me acknowledging the other artistic conversations I am listening to, and my attempt to contribute to those conversations. 

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Fall 2019