Helen Hunter Painting Thesis Fall 2019

This project is an exploration of my anger at the patriarchy and my experiences with sexual abuse. These three oil paintings are a record of my thoughts, psychological states, and fantasies as I’ve investigated my own anger and the culture that has punished me for being a victim of sexual assault. Inspired by women’s pro wrestling and the anger that is expressed and celebrated in this performative art form, I have incorporated both wrestling figures and self-portraits as well as symbols and expressive, abstract marks to create emotionally and psychologically intense paintings. 

This project has facilitated a tremendous amount of personal and artistic growth as I’ve studied my anger and my experiences in the context of feminist theory and history. I’ve used this project as an opportunity to process and reclaim my trauma narrative and find catharsis through the artistic expression of anger. My hope is that these paintings will inspire those who see them to reconsider their understanding of womanhood and the roles and identities attributed to women in our contemporary culture.

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Fall 2019