Forest Aliya MFA LRVS Thesis 2019

Trees Speak: Sometimes a Line Always a Particle

“We live in a material world where thoughts becomes things.”

This sentence is quite popular among modern philosophers, mystics, teachers, and scientists.  It is used so frequently that it has become common knowledge among people who explore their minds, humanity, and creativity. Material existence is about rhythms and impacts that ripple out and cause permanent change in a forever changing world. As an artist who is a constant maker, I feel accountable to create art from a place that is for the greater good of all living things. This paper is a narrative of my personal creative process that I have been cultivating, exploring, manifesting, destroying, re-creating, and expanding as long as I can remember in this lifetime. My creative space holds a narrative for viewers to explore. Within this space I infuse the concepts of liminal, spiritual, symbiotic, reverence for all things that came before me and everything that will come after me, and to celebrate my sensuous nature that inspires me and my work.

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