Marie Conner MFA LRVS Thesis 2019

Dismantling Freakery: Mapping Disability Aesthetics and Embracing Spectacle through Personal Narrative

The work is about seeing.

                        It teaches us to stare.

                                    It’s a way to process information…

                                                to try to understand our world.

The work examines the intersection of identity and personal narrative.

The work draws from my own experiences with my own body.

                                                It is the only thing on which I am an authority.

The work lingers in fragments of remembrance told through vignettes of form and words.

The work utilizes first-person perspective to shift negative perceptions of each other.

The work is about experiences, both yours and mine.

The work is intensely personal while also addressing sociological and cultural commonalities such as otherness, belonging, and the search for home.

The work is a way in, both figuratively and literally.

The work asks of the true meaning of access.

The work asserts that the non-normative body can be seen through the lens of the sublime and beautiful.

                        Every body is actually non-normative.

The work strives to establish a framework and language with which to open lines of communication concerning difference and acceptance.

                                    The words are insufficient for understanding the work.


The work is never done.

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