Heather Coleman MFA Print Media Capstone 2019

A Reminder

Throughout my childhood I moved from place to place to place. Eventually, I became exhausted from being in a state of constant flux. In order to combat this exhaustion, I began to construct dreamworlds, housed within a shell, that protected me and my dreams from the instability that became commonplace in my life. A Reminder is the manifestation of the shell I created in childhood, one that has continued to exist within my mind as a way to protect myself and the dreamworlds I inhabit daily. Inspired by daydreaming, its connection to the physical world, and my desire to connect with others through a shared, individual experience I have created an environment constructed from paper and paste, light and shadow; an environment of shared solitude that provides a space to dream and wonder. The intention of A Reminder is not to impose my dreamworlds onto others; its purpose is to invite them into a space that allows their dreams air to breathe and provide them a space to exist. It is a reminder to notice the wonder that exists within the busyness of our everyday lives. 

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