Brittany Rudolf MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2019


This project is a temporary, working arrangement to think through the precariousness of increasing environmental, political, and social unrest. The tendency is perhaps to turn away from all of it, but we receive daily reminders that things are not ok.

The noise of that unrest can feel inescapable and leave us disoriented. What can we do?

COLLAPSE contrasts a spa experience with a camping trip, to renegotiate who we are in spite of, as a condition of, and alongside the periphery of stress.

How do we make sense of uncertainty and claim our own space for even momentary relief? Like putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle without sorting first, this project improvises within limitations and seeks to rejoin the mind with the body through a multiplicity of sensation and perceptions in an alternative reality room of one’s own.

This is about me, but it is also about you because everyone has noise.

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