Lilia Hernandez MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2019

Cuentos Viajantes

In the voyage of life, what does each person carry with them?
We are all constantly gathering stories. Our bodies act as an evolving document. Sometimes we have physical traces like a scar or a mark, but even if it’s not physically visible, the history that we experience are all stories we are each gathering. Our gathering of stories is unavoidable and may seem automatic, but are we willing to do the work of unpacking and sharing them?
Growing up, my parents would tell my brothers and I, “Everything can be taken away. Everything except your education and your faith.”
For us, this was our reality. As immigrants from Mexico, we lost a lot, but the education along the way has been rich and extraordinary. In Cuentos Viajantes, I do the work of unpacking my own stories of faith and education. Where I ask myself, “What can’t be taken away?”.  
At times rejecting expected values and highlighting the everyday; Cuentos Viajantes is an archive that carries narratives focused around the immigrant experience.

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