Jessica Iams MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2019

Tableau And Talisman: A Wild Western Life

Experiencing beauty and seeking solace in nature, while reflecting on trauma and inevitably turning back into the shadows of history can be compared to weathering a storm, in awe of nature, but aware of its destruction. In Tableau and Talisman: A Wild Western Life I consider methods of repair such as medication, psychotherapy, hallucinations, and painting my way out. Trauma in children results in outcomes such as fundamental and permanent differences in development and personality and shortened life expectancy due to medical issues that range from heart disease to mental illness. I consider my artistic development fueled by impulse and adrenaline in formative years, and I seek solace and home in the natural world. This thesis is painted in the style of landscape, tableau, and magical realism, as I engage in repairing memories and histories by painting fantastical release. Release is shown through color, found objects, and abstraction. Non-dominant hand painting explores access to a subdued self, an inner child, and the other brain hemisphere. Repair occurs through affinity and reflection of beauty and solace in nature and flora.

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