Claire Gunville Printmaking Thesis Spring 2019

Technological Detritus

The archeologists of the future will one day contemplate the mountain of discarded objects and the accumulation of our electronic garbage will be a boon for them. Try to imagine each print or sculpture as a rendering of an unknowable past. Technological Detritus is a collection of prints exploring the use of old, discarded electronic items. We are rushing into the future at an exponential pace. We have to reckon with the changing scale of time in a world where obsolescence is always around the corner. History used to occur on a massive scale, artistic movements, popular styles and trends all came and went at a slower pace. A million years from now, the keystone artifacts that demarcate the eras of our time may not hold the same space.

The most common motif in this series is the “cord”. Not unlike the tendrils of a parasitic vine, the cords around us tether us to our modern world.The simple shape of the cable can be transformed into many more complex tableaus, and by grouping them together one can’t help but see the natural shapes of plant life reflected in these prints. Like the weathering of a stone, or an emergent flower in spring time, the world exerts its influence on us and we exert our influence on the world. The technology we use everyday is changed by us and we are changed through our use of it.

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Spring 2019