Rebecca Giordano Printmaking Thesis Spring 2019


The Homes We Carry

This room, furnished with process-based work, functions as an invitation for you and I to connect. Each piece was made using a repetitive mark, motion, and rhythm, with care, in the search to define the word Home. The process is as precious to me as the finished form. Each tangible object reflects my efforts to calm, to remember, and to connect. The importance of these objects is born out of memory, time spent with and without, and the comfort found through making.
Please step into the room and spend some time with the physical thoughts I have spent the last year assembling.
Please take a seat in the Collaborative Chair and read through my journal entries.
Please touch the wool wall hangings and think of the landscapes and faces you hold dear.
Please take a moment to breathe deeply, and think of the calm in your life.
Please know that this is a space for introspection and self-reflection.This space reflects my self and how I find solace in my connection to person, place, and object.
Please walk around the area rug. And please, take care of the space.

Thank you, 

Rebecca Giordano

39 albums

Spring 2019