Jem Irving Graphic Design Thesis Spring 2019

Design Ego

Design Ego is a mobile application with the intention of changing the designer-client relationship. It achieves this by providing tools for the designer to reflect during various stages of the creative process and client interactions. This experience strives to facilitate dialogue through a conversational user interface within a mobile application.

Satire is the basis and language that is used throughout the application to create empathy and trust with the designer. Using this tactic of satire we strive to highlight the disconnect between the designer and the client. Satire is a universal language facilitated through many mediums, such as social media, news, and literature. I use modern modes of satire to influence the reflective moments within the dialogue. Thus creating stress relief for the designer and allowing forward momentum in the creative process.

Research is design. Design Ego explores the generation of design artifacts as research where research is the final outcome – All of the artifacts generated are the project. An application is only as good as its research. Design is fiction. The performance of the technology exists within a fictional world of connectivity and digital functionality. However, human experience is still true.

The conversation is the design, and the design is the conversation.

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Spring 2019