Yen Hoang Graphic Design Thesis Spring 2019


Ever wondered what a Vietnamese-Texan popstar would wear? Well, wonder no more! Chàowdy is a collection of funky, loud, and proud fashion accessories that offer a very personal window into the Vietnamese-Texan experience. The upcycled style utilizes iconic Texan brands and Vietnamese packaging as visual texture to enhance the narrative. The accessories are illustrated and displayed in large-scale posters that focus on each accessory in a separate lens.

Chàowdy explores the Vietnamese-Texan experience through the styling on a Vietnamese-Texan popstar by combining aspects of each culture into one kitschified outfit. Each accessory touches upon different aspects of each culture or specific times in the character’s life growing up in Texas.

Materials of the accessories are a combination of found ephemera ranging from candy wrappers to fast food bags that are reminiscent of my childhood growing up in Texas in a Vietnamese family. The accessories features are all exaggerated parts of the original item that it is mimicking, because everything is bigger in Texas.

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Spring 2019