Keith Wallach Graphic Design Thesis Spring 2019


Latitude is a platform for the stories of the outdoor athletes who are so dedicated to the outdoors that they’re disconnected from mainstream society. I want to share those stories to inspire other people to get out, hike and connect with nature. I hope to inspire environmental consciousness, connection, and work to save the world that gives us so much pleasure. I want to inspire a cyclical reinvestment and reconnection with the world around us, so that it’s here to nurture us for generations to come. Go off grid, go all in, so that we can all connect and thrive together. It may seem like a contradiction to encourage people to get into these wild spaces, which we need to preserve. And in a way, it is. People are destroying nature and we need to help solve this problem. On a small scale, I have seen some of my favorite trails rendered unusable because of careless acts. Obviously, global warming is not helping. Latitude has the ability to join people together to raise awareness around environmental issues and that is the very reason for the theme of DIS/CONNECT. By sharing stories of adventure athletes, I hope to inspire normal people to go all in, connect with nature and go against the grain to be environmentally conscious. “Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.” ~Unknown

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Spring 2019