Steven Xue Graphic Design Thesis Spring 2019

New Sensitivity

This body of work is the result in seeking to answer one central question, how can one be more attentive to the present moment; to the things we regularly dismiss; to the negative space of lived experience? Through this line of inquiry, the work here today exists as a culmination of my effort in finding some ways to point to our immediate experiences, specifically in four main areas: color, light, space, and time. As such, the works function as specific objects and spatial interventions, directing the viewer’s attention to his or her own perceptual and/or conceptual experiences.

With this work, I am proposing a deeper and more serious recognition to the validity of human subjectivity, one that is ever-changing but nonetheless equal to logical thinking. With the suspension of all pictorial imagery and representation, perhaps we get closer to the essential subject of art: experiential perception with an aesthetic dimension. That is, to suggest a greater sensitivity of our relationship to the world using our intuitive sensory abilities. In a time and place when society biases towards the logical and the quantitative, I feel that we, as artists, designers, creatives, and craftsmen, have the responsibility to make the argument for the intuitive, the qualitative, and the perceptual.

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Spring 2019