Bird Schneider Illustration Thesis Spring 2019

The Changelings

The Changelings is a project developed as a story about belonging, identity, and the intersection of queer and neurodivergent identities. The story follows four faery changelings as they journey through faeryland in search of their true names. They overcome trials based upon issues I have faced in my life and the four changelings are based upon myself and my three closest friends. This thesis project is a series of five paintings from the five major points in the story. These paintings will serve as a proof of concept and portfolio pieces to present to art directors and publishers as a means of starting my story project which I plan to eventually make into an illustrated book. This work serves as means for me to tell my own story of self discovery and share my struggles as a queer and neurodivergent person through the medium of a classic fairytale. This fairytale is meant to inspire and comfort other people like me especially younger people and serve as a story of representation for those who are often absent from the mainstream narrative.

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Spring 2019