Kiana Kinchelow Intermedia Thesis Spring 2019

For my thesis I created seven, 20×40 posters titled Sparkx. Sparkx stands for “Strength, Potential, Advocate, Role Model, of Knowledge, and Excel.” Each of these words corresponds with a narrative of women empowerment. The characters in this futuristic setting support my belief that we are all capable of doing great things regardless of our backgrounds, gender or age. Sparkx is a fictional community made up of amazing scientists, inventors, engineers, and thinkers. This poster series highlights women in jobs pertaining to S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). My goal is to encourage girls (ages 10-15) to seek further education in S.T.E.M fields. These fictional women work in and around the space station “Athena” because on “Athena” anything is possible. In the world of Sparkx, we can achieve amazing things if we just support one another. All It takes is a Spark!!!

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Spring 2019