Briar Stratas Sculpture Thesis Fall 2018

In this project, titled Coevolution, I have created an immersive installation designed to merge the viewers reality with one in which they readily recognize their role in their own future.  The installation seeks to both ask and answer the question of whether or not we have the power to change our timeline. Sculpture, painting, and set design come together to tell the story of the Quantum Time Capsule and its contents: various seeds from future plants and The Chrysanthemum, an organic device which transmits telepathic communication.  These have been sent back through spacetime from humans of the future in an attempt to change our timeline for the better.  The objects are now being studied in a laboratory, which serves as the setting for the installation. The message sent back to us in the capsule is that we as individuals have the power to shape our own futures through direct action.  Actions cause ripples and waves through time which can redirect paths and potential futures for ourselves and those around us. We must take responsibility for our actions and inaction as soon as possible if we wish to divert the calamitous future of climate disaster and global suffering we are creating for ourselves through complacency with the current paradigm.

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Fall 2018