Kylie Fabre BFA Animated Arts Thesis Spring 2018

Red Terra

Red Terra is a short 4 minute 2D animated film. In its simplest form, Red Terra is a film that is about this young girl named Terra, as she comes to terms with an inherited ability. In exploring her control over this inherited magic, she finds strength in herself. And it is only then that she is able to protect her family from disaster brought on by a giant, falling red meteor. In a broader form, it is a film about self-discovery, hope, symbolism, magic, and the concept of family. In a more philosophical form, Red Terra is about anyone wanting to overcome something, whether it be a minor obstacle in the way or some massive event you can’t control, but want influence in creating a better outcome. For me, Red Terra symbolizes not only myself and my journey but the feelings towards myself and my love for others growing over time because I finally found confidence in my actions. It is through my journey, and inherently Terra’s, that we were able to overcome those fears.

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Spring 2018