Kiera Highsmith BFA Animated Arts Thesis Spring 2018

Phantom Pains

For thesis, I created work for an animated, web-based series called Phantom Pains. For this project I made two animatics and a pitch bible in order to explain the basics of the series. These specific components will allow me to pitch the series to production companies in the future, and double as portfolio work as I exit college.

Phantom Pains, in summary, follows the journey of Draven, a surly biker, and Kirby, the ghost of his best friend, as they search for a way to reverse death. Thematically, it deals with the ideas of grief, change, healing. The underlying plot of the story is about what happens when mourning turns to obsession and a refusal to move on from the past.

The pitch bible contains sixteen pages, separated out into an explanation of the series and its themes, the characters, the settings and world mechanics, and a page of possible episodes. The animatics offer a view into the norm of Draven and Kirby’s relationship, as well as introducing a couple side characters, and the beginning of a narrative arc from farther on in the series.

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