Egg Dahl BFA Intermedia Thesis Spring 2018

A map and analysis of the Anthropocene

“A map and analysis of the Anthropocene” is a digitally printed, hand-bound simulation of a textbook, written from the perspective of a future observer, that illustrates and articulates an understanding of the Anthropocene (the current geological epoch defined by deep-time human effects on the earth’s processes). This book features the beginnings of a cosmological ontology that outlines human evolution, extractivism, capitalism, and ideological influence through the use of a complex flip-animation, as well as interspersed spreads featuring dry yet playful text and recontextualized images sourced from the internet. Although this book was created under the conceptual basis that it belongs thousands of years in the future, it is intentionally familiar and “low-tech,” beckoning the truth that the future isn’t necessarily more technologically advanced, nodding toward the countless dark ages human civilizations have experienced.

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Spring 2018