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Autumn is an eccentric, introverted, and studious person with a witty sense of humor. They struggle with social anxiety and feel most at home reading by the window as the raindrops race alongside each other, or when exploring the forest with a supportive friend. Because they do not get along with their family, Autumn instead has a small circle of extremely close friends and is active in a community others with a passion for rare botanical gardening and scientific illustration.

Artwork Info

Type of Work costume design, illustration, character design
Medium gouache, watercolor, ink, digital painting, mixed media
Dimensions 7200 x 4976 px
Subject Matter moth, felt, wings, mushrooms, costume design, faerie, autumn, fall, a celebration of seasons, character design, fantasy, costume

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Alex Lovelle

Joined: February 11, 2015

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Alex Lovelle BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2018