Marguerite Bailey BFA Painting Thesis Spring 2018

Art Object as an Archive of Movement and Matter

An art object can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelled, and even perceived in an extraordinary realm – i.e. understood through the six senses. To redact the art object into the realm of language, complicates the true essence and reception of the object.

However, I will say that there are three aspects of the work that can be identified and expanded upon using language:

1. all matter is ephemeral
2. art is slowness and a record of thinking
3. a deep connection to material, through process, provides a bridge to the dematerial

This body of work provoked a deep consideration for the objects I use and make to create art. By creating all of the tools necessary for painting – paper, paint, brushes – respect for the tools and their original inventors became integral to the process. My exaggerated method of having a hand in every aspect of the painting embodies an anti-capitalistic, non-commodified point of view. These notions are heightened through the works’ reliance on skill-sharing with members of my community. In addition to the process, the paintings in their objectness are anti-capitalistic; they are designed to fall apart, fade, disintegrate. This will occur through poor preservation techniques: handmade paper without a sizer or primer, botanical inks with a low light steadfastness, and employing organic matter bound to rot.

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Spring 2018