Ways of Knowing (Bryophyte Cartography), view with greenhouse closed

A moss tapestry installation with greenhouse enclosure, audio and interactive components

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Type of Work sculptural installation, sound installation, video
Medium plastic sheeting, pvc pipe and joints, waterproof tape, Wall brackets, hardware, Plexiglas, casters, water sprayers, humidifiers, magnifying glasses, rope, burlap, carpet felt, thread, moss, lichen, liverworts, slugs, a snail, centipedes, spiders, mosquito hawks, earwigs, worms, potato bugs, mushrooms (occasionally),sprouts, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, attention, care, coaxing, sweet words, water, names of Pacific Northwest mosses in Latin and English, forest words in Chinook and Salish.
Dimensions 8’x 10’x 4’ (dimensions various)
Subject Matter landscape, alternative green space in the developing urban environment, conversation between the built and biological environment

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Michelle Guthrie

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Michelle Guthrie BFA Sculpture Thesis Spring 2018