Safe in My Armor

The piece, Safe in My Armor, is about protection in the form of an oversized men’s jacket. In 6th grade, when my depression and self-harm was starting to get really bad, I became attached to a black jacket. I wore it every day as a method of hiding my body from sight or harm. I was also hiding my body out of shame. I did not feel safe unless I was wearing it. This led to strange looks and concerned comments when I wouldn’t take it off during P.E. Even in 100 degree weather, when I was miserably overheated, I still continued to wear it. At the time, I thought my black jacket made me invisible, which is what I wanted to be.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Intaglio printmaking
Medium Copper etching
Dimensions 10 by 12 inches
Subject Matter jacket, armor, safety, hidden, mental illness, trauma

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Nikole Hoberg

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Nikole Hoberg BFA Printmaking Thesis Spring 2018