Giuliano Bruno MFA Visual Studies Thesis Spring 2018

A Field of Signs

This project sets out to investigate the nature of linguistic signs and symbols as they have developed and are changing in the digital age within the third wave of virtual reality technologies. The paper describes the VR installation artwork Field of Signs, the context of the work, and how the strategies of its creation engage its users and spectators. Field of Signs is multifaceted and engages with several ideas. It engages with the ways that we build meaning through recontextualizing signs and symbols. It engages with a playful critique of immersive technologies by challenging the freedoms we can experience with them. By also emphasizing the physical world in this work, I’m challenging the boundaries between the virtual and the actual. It is a place to consider how we have identified our surroundings, and how they constantly shift around us. And despite its heavy engagement with technologies, the work is ultimately about creating an experience where people can interact and relate with each other. This paper serves as a critical look at how we can relate to signs and symbols, how we come to know, and how we interact with one another in a rapidly developing world.

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