Jamie Knowlton MFA Visual Studies Thesis Spring 2018

Through art historical incidents, contemporary art makers, theorists, and personal experience I will explore how a body and topography mutually engage with one another. I view the body as a topography, with an ever-shifting landscape of contours. I believe the body can become non-referentially coded beyond race, gender, and ability indicators within their contours and expressions. This is not to mean we do not “see” the contours of the body, it means that we accept that they are self-defined by the contours themselves. These definitions though durational and historical, are impermanent. These contours exist in and of themselves as rising and falling moments of material. I argue that this can be a way to abstract and liberate the body from societal expectations that tend to oppress in the form of systemic racism and sexism, among many other tyrannical modes of operation.

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