Gina Rios MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2018

Chair Body

This project is a series of sculptures that serve as portraits of bodies as they relate to objects in domestic spaces. They are a representation of the shifting exchange that occurs between bodies and objects and the resulting tension and transmutation of the body and self. Using materials from the domestic realm, I am conflating interior and exterior to create texture that exposes the confusion, chaos, and vital relationship in which bodies and objects engage.

The home is the space that, for many, is closely linked to identity. It is the realm in which one forms and declares their tastes and accepts or rejects societal roles. The body undergoes ongoing invisible transformation as it engages with objects in the domestic environment. It transforms to become a bed body, a desk body, a chair body. This work represents the chaos of interminable transformation and the relationships forged with objects that make one feel like something about their own body is not quite right. For this project, I created sculptures that are exaggerated explorations of what it would look like if the objects in our home actually reflected us.

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