Dillon Silva BFA Sculpture Thesis Spring 2016

Tripartitam Philosophiam iter ad Solem

This body of work represents the residue of a tripartite model of thinking, making, and doing in the round. This tripartite model is meant to as a way to confront experience through three modes called Action, Research, and Sculpture. Each of these modes carries methodological, symbolic, and physical values. Each one is amorphous and manifests in a variety of ways.

This interdisciplinary practice draws largely from the work of Joseph Beuys, as well as Arte Povera, and Fluxus. What is presented here is just about the generation of objects, but it is instead about constructing philosophy that is thrown into radical and timeless movement.

This is an Art about the Myths and Mysteries that are somewhere out there, something that each of us respectively hold dear. This is an Art about perusing that which has the ability to flow between the currents of the ineffable into the tangible and back again, with the greatest ease. It is an attempt to communicate with that which is neither fact nor fiction. Art about observing potentiality. This is an Art that attempts to observe the constellations of many Suns to illuminate and expand, in this way it is not so much the Work of the Sun, but instead a Work Towards the Sun.

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Spring 2016